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About Me

Who, me?

It is well known throughout the southwest that I'm a Hallmark junkie. A bona fide rhyming freak whose eyes gleam with a wild and ravenous light for days before she puts her pen to paper. Now, while all of this is true, if you caught on to the fact that this is A Christmas Story reference, please contact me for a free custom poem immediately.

All jokes aside, I’m a sucker for poetry. I love it. I love the way words sound when they rhyme and form together like a sonnet-a-la-Seuss. What I love even more than this, however, is how poems make people feel. Special. Seen. Heard. The laughter that ensues after a silly one-liner, the tears that form after a chord is struck from a bridesmaid speech. It’s all deadly. 

What I don’t love about poetry is how difficult it is for some. Not even the act of rhyming, but the act of expression. Just because you may not be able to clearly articulate your feelings for someone into words does not mean that they don’t exist. Sometimes, we need a nudge in the right direction. The direction of someone who basically wakes up for the sheer excitement of writing a morning Haiku.

You wish I were kidding, don’t you?

If anything, these services are here to spark joy, Kondo style. Want to know more? Me too. Tell me a story and I’ll make it one for the books. The kind you’ll want to read over and over again. 

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